Early Years

Our Early Years Learning Team works to provide a vibrant, personal and exciting learning environment for all children. All children are known as individuals and programs are tailored for each and every learner.


In our Early Years Learning Centre we focus on literacy and numeracy, as well as providing a broad range of specialist learning opportunities for children. Teachers plan collaboratively to develop a purposeful and logical learning program from Grade Prep through to Grade 4.


A structured take-home reading program is a key component of our approach to the teaching of literacy.


Effective assessment is critical to ensure that we tailor our teaching to the needs of  students. We use a range of assessment tools to establish the level at which your child is working. Using that as a starting point, together we plan a learning program for your child.


In our Early Years Learning Centre your child will:


  • Benefit from small class sizes
  • Have access to a range of different teachers and groups through our use of the flexible learning spaces
  • Learn within the structure of a  daily 2 hour literacy block
  • Learn within the structure of a daily 1 hour numeracy block
  • Be assessed in a range of different ways to establish the exact level at which they are working.
  • Read 5 ‘take home’ books each week
  • Access classroom libraries as well as the main Media Centre
  • Experience a rich specialist program: Physical Education, Art, LOTE – Italian and Music
  • Participate in a Developmental Play program in Grade Prep
  • Use ICT – computer laboratories, laptop banks, iPad Technology,  interactive whiteboards, etc as part of their learning every day
  • Play safely and happily in a specially designed P-4 shaded playground
  • Work closely with a student leaders in our buddy program
  • Learn in a state-of-the-art Early Years Learning Centre
  • Participate in appropriate literacy, numeracy and language support programs if required. Eg: Reading Recovery, language support, ESL


We believe that our Early Years Learning Centre is the perfect way for children to begin their learning at Altona P-9 College. In our small, caring environment, children are known deeply as individuals and our results prove that they really thrive. At the end of Grade 4, we begin your child’s transition to our innovative Middle Years Learning Centre.