Middle Years

Our Middle Years Learning Centre is a dynamic and innovative place where the transition between Year 6 and Year 7 is as seemless as it should be.  Our Middle Years Learning Centre is consists of Year 5/6 and Year 7/8 Learning Communities. All children are known as individuals and programs are tailored for each and every learner.


In our Middle Years Learning Centre we continue our focus on literacy and numeracy, as well as providing a broad range of specialist learning opportunities for students. Crucial subjects such as History, Geography, Science, Civics and Citizenships and SOSE are explicitly taught to students using an Inquiry approach. Teachers assess and plan collaboratively to develop a purposeful and logical learning program from Year 5 through to Year 8.


Our 5-8 team provides amazing opportunities for our Grade 5/6 children, normally reserved for older students, as well as providing a safe and happy transition for the many Year 7 students who join our school at this point. Opportunities include involvement in Food and Wood Technology from Year 5, as well as our Music, Arts, Italian and Physical Education programs.


The student diary, classroom blogs and email is a key method of communication between home and school. Students have this with them in every class.


Effective assessment is critical if we are to tailor our teaching to your child. We use a range of assessment tools to establish the level at which your child is working. Using that as a starting point, together we plan a learning program for your child that is continually monitored and revised.


In our Middle Years Learning Centre your child will:


  • Benefit from small class sizes

  • Have access to a range of different teachers and groups through our use of the flexible learning spaces

  • Have a safe and consistent ‘home space’ where they have an assigned locker.

  • Have programs geared towards improving their Literacy and Numeracy Outcomes as well as developing their own sense of wellbeing.

  • Be assessed in a range of different ways to establish the exact level at which they are working.

  • Read widely for at least 30 minutes every day

  • Access classroom libraries as well as the main Media Centre

  • Participate in structured reading conferences with teachers where reading goals are set and checked

  • Experience a rich specialist program: Physical Education, Art, LOTE – Italian, Music, Wood Technology and Food Technology

  • Develop skills with new technologies with our 1:1 Laptop program and elearning elective classes

  • Play in landscaped grounds, comprising 3 full sized outdoor basketball courts, an indoor gymnasium and oval.

  • Learn in a state-of-the-art Middle Years Learning Centre


Unquestionable research from around the world tells us that in the Middle Years of schooling, children learn best in environments like ours. We are proud of our Middle Years Learning Centre and we are proud to be a unique and innovative school. As students reach the end of Year 8, we begin their transition to the Year 9 Learning and Leadership Centre.

2016 Middle Years Information Handbook